Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hayley's Autumn/Winter 2015 Wish List

It's that time of year again where I start to crave new things! New season... means new wish list!

A Nude Lip

 Last year I bought my friend a nude lipstick from YSL and it looked lovely on her! This summer i've worn lipstick on and off and i've really started to enjoy collecting new colours. But one shade I haven't got is a nude, and I would like a lipstick that I can wear to work. So next time i'm shopping i'll go and test a few shades out... find the right nude for me!

A Winter Coat

I've had my current winter coat for 3 years now, and it's starting to look a little worse for wear. I'm a big believer in paying a bit more for a good quality coat that you know you are going to get a good few years out of, so I headed over to TK Maxx to see what bargains there were. My last coat was sort of split into shades of different greys and greens, and I still absolutely love that style. I really like this Storm and Marie coat which is reduced from £129 to £69, I just hope it's still in stock by payday!

A New Haircut

I've been growing out my fringe since last December, and it has FINALLY reached my chin. When I was 23 I had quite a short bob which I miss so much! I'm one of those girls who leaves my hair for so long, and then when I get it done it feels like the ultimate pamper session! I honestly think i've have 2 hair appointments in 2015! I'd like to go darker with the short hair, but I think i'll leave it blonde for the rest of this year....


I've had 'get your eyes tested' written in my iPhone notes for about 2 years now. I have a perfectly functioning pair of glasses that have been sat on my desk for 3 years that I haven't worn since the iPhone note (which is bad because I genuinely need them...). The reason I've stopped wearing them is because they are HUGE, and do not suit me anymore! Maybe when I was a student, constantly living in vintage jumpers, they fit with my more hipster(ish) look. But i've now come to realise I simply can't bring them into my late 20's, so a chic-er pair are needed ASAP! Every time I walk past Specsavers I try this pair on! I'm in-absolute-love with the colour and shape, I just need to get round to booking that eye test!

THIS Sweatshirt

I don't know why, or if i'm the only one...but this sweater was popping up in every single side bar of every page I was on, and now i'm obsessed. I love the simplicity of the embroidered slogan and the colour combo is to die for. I've recently sorted a load of jumpers for carbooting, and now there is a nice space in my wardrobe for this kooky number!

Winter Boots

I have way too many Dr Martens already, but I say you can't have too many shoes! I mean, your feet don't tendddd to grow or you'll never grow out of them! That's what I tell myself... Anyway! I live in the next town to the Dr Martens factory, and i've been wearing them (even to school) since I was like, 8! I've seen these on the website, and i'm really hoping I can find a similar pair (or these...) in the factory shop! I need some flat black ankle boots, as mine all seem to be tan or burgundy! The fur lining also looks super soft and cosy for those winter walks! The shoes sold in the factory are seconds, so they are so much cheaper than buying online or in the shops. This is great for my addiction, but bad for my bank balance! 

So that's my A/W wish list (for now...). I'll just keep staring at this until I have enough funds, but with the house hunt starting it's not looking hopeful. I'll have to do really well with that carboot next week.

To see more of my current lusts, check out my Pinterest! 

What is on your A/W wish list?

Main picture sources: Hair, Make-up, Glasses, Boots, Sweater

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