Thursday, 10 September 2015

David's Top 5 Ways To Take A Break

As I've been very busy with editing wedding pictures recently, I thought I'd  take the time out to show you my favourites ways of taking time out!

I find that all of these are the perfect positive distraction for me, allowing me to relax and recharge before getting back to work.

Walking Ernie

After spending hours sat in front of a screen, it's nice to get outside and walk the dog. Since Hayley has had Ernie, I've loved any opportunity to take him out. It's the perfect way to get fresh air and let your mind wander.

Playing Music

This is really my second creative outlet, and even though I don't always find the time to do so, when I start playing I find myself wasting hours upon hours! Which is a good thing I suppose. Practice makes perfect and all!

When me and Hayley have our own place, we're hoping to have a little music corner in the living room. This is so that if we have friends round and they fancy jamming, the instruments are there to pick up!

Reading a Magazine

Sometimes it's nice to take your eyes away from the screen and look at a printed publication. I love to relax with a coffee and magazine with no other distractions going on around me. I don't spend £7 on big magazines quite as much as I used to, but now if do so I'll go through it page for page.


This is usually dependent on the weather, but like walking the dog it's another excuse to get out the house and stretch your legs. I like those rare moments when I get to skate with my brother Ben, as it reminds me of when we started skating back when we were teenagers. 

Meeting up with Friends

Aside from group nights out at the local pub, I also like to catch up with friends who I haven't particularly seen in a while. This is nice as its a chance to have a couple of drinks and a one to one chat about any goings on since the last time we met up. 

How do you like to spend your break?

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