Friday, 4 September 2015

15 Things We'll Miss About Living At Home

Earlier this week David uploaded this picture to his facebook with the caption "Standard overnight bag(s) for going over to Hayley's. Can't wait for us to have our own place and not do this every evening." True. This is one thing we will NOT miss about living at home. But it got us thinking about the things we will miss.

Even though we've both moved out before, it was different because we knew it wouldn't be for good. But this time it is! We're going to have to be proper grown ups!! So here's 15 things we'll miss when we move out.

1. Mum dinners. Proper proper home cooking!

2. Less responsibility. It's nice not having to worry about things like house insurance or paying the bills!

3. Hayley's pets. In particular Ernie. There is nothing better than coming home from work to a hyper puppy who is SO happy to see you as well. Not seeing Ernie everyday is going to be a huge struggle.

4. Seeing our family everyday. Just chilling after work and chatting about our day, and even watching TV shows together.

5. Getting treats in for the other person. We love getting snacks for when the other comes over. It won't be as much of a treat when we're always together!

6. The feeling of 'home.' We've both had our homes for approximately 13 years, so it will be strange to call somewhere else our proper home. Our friend who moved out last year said it took her ages to feel like her new house was her home. Even when she was poorly, all she wanted to do was be in her old bed.

7. Security. We're not talking bills or anything like that, but you just get a sense of security in your parents house. Like, what if someone breaks into my new house? What will I do? Things like that!

8. Having a 15 year old around to remind you whats cool. You're going to have to come over and give us the 411 Bert (Hayley's brother).

9. 'Mum organisation skills'. This includes just knowing what to put on a good shopping list, when bin day is, just having a cupboard stocked with your basic ingredients, remembering that you need things like TV licenses and keeping up with the laundry!

10. The noise. In a house full of people there is always a TV on or someone talking. We can imagine it's going to feel like it's dead silent a lot of the time.

11. The cling-film dispenser.

12. Having our own bed. We both traded in our single beds for doubles when we came home from uni, and although we stay in them together most nights it's nice to have a couple of nights a week to sprawl!

13. Being able to borrow peoples clothes.

14. The house always being clean. Don't get us wrong, we'll clean our house. But nothing is clean like 'mum clean'.

15. Being able to have a lazy Sunday without feeling guilty that we should be doing some sort of house work.

What do/will you miss about living with your parents?

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