Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The Needs vs Wants List- Revisited

Hey folks! It's been half a year since we created the first 'Needs vs Wants List', and we thought it would be a good time to revisit it! It's approximately 4 weeks (eek) until the big house hunt begins!

The list has slightly changed from before, but it's sort of still the same!


• A minimum of 2 bedrooms (both rooms need to be double)
• A decent size space for a study/spare room.
• Room/an area indoors for Billy
• Within semi equal driving distance from both of our works.
• A good-sized garden for Billy/Ernie to run around, and also for entertaining.
• Not on a main road so that we can get a kitten.
• A reasonably contemporary kitchen and bathroom (as these are expensive things to upgrade).
• Good heating/boiler/windows/grown up stuff etc.
• A bathroom upstairs, with a bath!


• A utility room.
• Building with a bit of character, but renovated/maintained well.
• A nice hallway/entrance.
• Within walking distance of shops.
• A drive
• Biggish kitchen, especially if there is no utility room.
• Reasonable size bathroom
• Access to the front from the garden
• A downstairs toilet as well.
• Good storage
• In a quiet area

What would be/has been on your Needs Vs Wants List?

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