Saturday, 22 August 2015

'Home Areas' Wish List

We have recently made another 'Needs Vs Wants' list, which goes through the types of things we are looking for in a home. But as well as that, we are always thinking about the different 'areas' we want in our house. 

Now, we're not talking rooms. We obviously want a kitchen and a bathroom. We're talking sections of the house which are dedicated to a particular creative interest of ours! We've made a little list of what we hope for, and what we'll also be bearing in mind when we start our house hunt in a few weeks!

Editing/Scanning Area

David will need a space to do all of his editing and scanning. We would love to get an iMac at some point as well! This will also be the place we do our blog posts from and where Dave can file away his negatives/external hard drives.

Sewing Area

For once, Hayley will be able to have an area where she can just sit down at her sewing machine without having to get it all out/set it up. It will be awesome to just have a space where everything is ready and waiting to be used! A nice new sewing machine would also be great at some point!

Guest Area

We are really excited to have people stay with us! We have already bought a gorgeous kingsize sofa bed that is super comfortable, and we want to get a little dressing area/set of drawers for people who are staying the weekend with us!

Rabbit Area

It's a given that we'll be taking Billy with us when we move, so we'll need a space for his hutch to go. Hayley has recently been looking into converting an old piece of furniture into a hutch, as this is so much cheaper than buying a fancy indoor cage. They also blend better with the rest of your interiors, rather than having an ugly cage in amongst everything. We'll definitely be doing a 'how-to' post if we can pull it off!

Music Area

As David has started playing guitar/keys a lot more, it would be cool to have a little music area where we can keep our instruments. We love music, so we think it's always great to have a place where people can come in and play around. We also have an old village hall stool that we've got from Hayley's Granddad that would make a perfect seat to sit and play!

Snug Area

We want one of those large bean bags that you can get, and place it in the corner of our living room. So when you come home from a long day at work, you can just lay flat out across it! It would make the perfect winding down spot, or place to read! Imagine in the winter, sinking into one of these with a fur blanket and a fire going!

Outside Seating/Mini Bar Area

We'd really love an area in our garden with stools to drink and eat outside! We love BBQs and garden parties, and it would be great to have all of our friends round for one in the summers. Hey...maybe even the winter if we had a chimenea!

Dressing Table

Hayley: Ok... I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have a dressing table again! Last time I had one I was about 12 so I hardly used it properly. Since then I've kept all my makeup in bags and crowded together on little chests of draws, which I'm so sick of. For our own place I now have 2 dressing tables; one is from the 1970s (similar to this picture), and the other is a dark wood 1950s one that matches the rest of our bedroom furniture. I think David may use the 1970s one, and I'll use the 1950s one!

Photo-books & Magazine Area

Neither of us have many fictional books, but we have a tonne of photography/fashion/art books, along with a string of various fashion/lifestyle magazines. We'll need a place to keep them all (similar this coffee table book shelf), which we think would make people want to pick them up and read more than on an ordinary book shelf!

Camera Display Shelf

All in all, David owns about 30 cameras! Not all of them work, but they all have their own unique characteristics and quirks. They are currently hidden away in his wardrobe, and they really need to be out on display for everyone to see! This idea above with the chalkboard shelf is so cool, where you can label them like a mini museum. 

A White Wall/Backdrop Area

As we wrote in our previous post about our old blogs, David used to have a great wall in his first Uni house for taking pictures. This always comes in handy when shooting products or portraits, and it would be cool to have this space again in our house! It will also be handy for taking pictures for this blog, as we currently don't have that kind of space.

Keep your eyes peeled for us moving in and hopefully making these things happen!

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