Monday, 17 August 2015

Ernie's Birthday Beach Day

Today Ernie turned 1 years old! So yesterday we took him for his first ever paddle in the sea.

For months we have wanted to take Ernie to the the seaside, but because of his operation we had to wait a while. As his 1st birthday was approaching, we thought we'd mark the occasion by taking a day trip to Wells-Next-The-Sea. This is one of our favourite seaside towns near us, so along with Hayley's Mum, we drove the 2 hours for a day of sand and sun! We were not sure how Ernie would cope in the car for that amount of time, but he was lovely. He slept and even poked his head out of the window "like a real dog"!

Once we got onto the beach, all we could see around us were other dogs! It's amazing! Before we had a dog, we didn't notice them at all! But it made going to the sea side a completely different experience- we suppose the same way it does when you take a child! Ernie was so excited about the new environment, and was fascinated by the sand! He rolled around in it all day and loved digging as well. He wasn't all that keen/sure of the sea, but maybe if we had gone swimming properly he may have joined us. His leg didn't stop him running around and chasing the other dogs- he loved every minute of it.

We then walked into town, had a little look in the shops and got fish and chips! Ernie had a cheeky chip or 5, and by the time we were ready to go home he was absolutely knackered! He slept the whole way home, and he's still tired today. 

Which sea sides would you recommend for dog owners?

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