Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dear Diary- July 2015

We're into the last month of Summer! So what did we get up to in July?

Where we've been

David: Since getting back from our holiday I've started to see a lot more local bands. There's a pub not far from home that has blues music every Wednesday, so that's been fun. I've been going there with my Dad too so it's quite good father son bonding!

Hayley: We flew home from Italy on the 1st of July, and since then it's really kicked off our summer. It feels like we've done quite a bit since then. We've been to parties, visited my Dad and went to Bug Jam! To read about that click here!

What we've been watching

David: At the end of July I managed to finish Prison Break Season 2. With 22 episodes per season it's hard to fit it in with everything else I get up to, but I'm looking forward to starting Season 3.

Hayley: We finally finished Game Of Thrones! It was amazing, and we can't wait for the next season! Hopefully we'll be in our own home by then so we can do proper geeky GOT nights. I then managed (like it's hard...) to finish series 3 of Orange Is The New Black this month, which I loved! People told me it wasn't great, but I liked it!

What we've been listening to

David: When editing pictures, I tend to go on a bit of a Spotify spiral. I usually don't mind what I listen to, as long as it's not silence! My most listened albums in July though have been "Aquarius" by Tinashe & "Bush" by Snoop Dogg.

Hayley: I still haven't got Years and Years's album yet, but I've been listening to it on Spotify! I've also revisited Ellie Goulding's 2nd album in anticipation of her new album that she's working on! 

What we've been eating

David: Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Haribo Goldbears. Luckily for me, my work colleagues had a trip to Germany and brought me two big bags back! One had banana flavour bears which were immense. In terms of proper food though, I have been eating lots of salads. We went Prezzo at the beginning of July, and I had the Crab Cakes Salad was so nice! If you're into seafood this is definitely one to try.

Hayley: Still eating pasta. Haven't got sick of it yet! I don't think I will!! It's full on BBQ season too, which is always great! Me and Dave also finally tried Vodka Revs for food, definitely recommend it!

What we've bought

David: FOO FIGHTERS TICKETS. Yup, we're going to see them at the MK Bowl in September! My good friend Dean actually had tickets for Wembley, and when that gig was cancelled he got his money back. When the Milton Keynes gig was announced he had access to the pre-sale, and managed to get me and Hayley tickets too!

Hayley: I've been super good this month with purchases! I racked up a huge phone bill this month from holiday (overuse of 3G...whoops), so i've had to be good! We did buy Ernie a little bed for our new house, but he decided he wanted it now so that didn't go to plan really!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Don't be afraid to be different and do your own thing.

Hayley: Be gentle with yourself. You are doing the best you can.

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