Monday, 31 August 2015

Dear Diary- August 2015

So that's it! Autumn is finally here (by our standards). The weather is really starting to cool down, and it's time to say goodbye to August!

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Where we've been

David: August has been a busy one for me with shooting weddings. I've shot 3 in the space of 3 weekends, which means the editing phase is pretty full on now! I was however off-duty for the evening part of our friend Rachel's wedding, which meant I got to have a few drinks with Hayley and our friends! Me and Hayley also took Ernie to the seaside which happened to coincide with his birthday! He loved digging in the sand, but wasn't too keen on having a swim.

Hayley: This month feels like on one hand we've done so much, and on the other nothing at all! It all kicked off with a birthday BBQ for my friend on the 1st, and then after that I did a car boot sale with my Mum and Brother. Then my brother went to LA and Vegas, so it's just been me and my Mum. I've been to my friends wedding with Dave which was so lovely, but I've tried to stay in quite a bit to save the pennies!

What we've been watching

David: Due to my photography jobs I've literally had no time to watch anything, or take my eyes away from the computer screen for that matter!

Hayley: I started to watch 'Him and Her' at the beginning of the month, but have kind of lost interest to be honest! The first few episodes were good, and then it sort of went down hill...I might give it another chance! I have also been watching the new series of Made In Chelsea, which is always a sure fire way to depress yourself!

What we've been listening to

David: Amidst the chaos of busy days shooting, I dug out some old Rufus Wainwright CD's of mine. I literally go through phases of what I feel like listening to, but this was perfect easy listening and really made me feel chilled out when I needed to most. Scarily enough, I've also been listening to BBC Radio 2 a lot more in the car, as we have Radio 1 on in the office all week I just fancy a bit of a change sometimes.

Hayley: I'm obsessed with the following songs this month; Selena Gomez- Good for you, Disclosure ft Sam Smith- Omen & Demi Lovato- Cool for the Summer. I have also started to listen to Beyonce's last album again which is a great sing along album!

What we've bought

David: I haven't really bought myself anything, as we're getting even stricter with the saving now! I did however treat Hayley to a t-shirt to cheer her up one day. I don't feel as guilty spending money if I'm treating someone!

Hayley: The only things I bought myself this month were bits for my friends wedding! I got a lovely coral fascinator with coral shoes and bag to match! I was very proud of my bag purchase as it was 25p from a car boot! Amazing!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: Waiting really does pay off, so give it time.

Hayley: Great things DO come to those who wait!

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