Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top 4 Favourite Wedding Photographers!

As it's Wedding season and I'm shooting a few myself next month, I thought I'd show you who inspires me!

(Ok, so I know a top 5 would have been more of a rounded figure, but I didn't want to ad an extra Photographer for the sake of this post!)

Even though I don't specialise in weddings, I rarely say no when friends ask me to capture their big day. Despite having done them here and there for 7 years now, I've just never taken it up as a full-time thing. 

I think this is because I'm constantly looking for new ways to make the style of my portfolio suit wedding photography, and as a lot of my work is on film I'm always trying out different digital processes. So in the mean time I'll just keep experimenting with exciting new techniques until I have a style that runs through to my personal work.

These Wedding Photographers however all have something unique and individual about their work which separates them from the crowd. So, here are my top 4 favourites!

Based in London, We Heart Pictures is fronted by husband and wife duo Hector & Charlie. Hector takes + edits all the photos, and Charlie handles the business side of things. I only recently came across their work and since then I've become obsessed with their colour palette and candid storytelling style. 

I love how the picture style defies the conventions of wedding photography, and their use of backdrops & layout really puts the graphic in photographic.

Their blog is super cute too, be sure to check it out and keep up to date with their family road trips, festival outings and anniversary self portraits.

I was lucky enough to meet Jake a couple of years ago at a friends wedding, and since then I've kept a close eye on his work through Facebook. 

You only have to take one look at Jake's work to see his experience in commercial photography shine through, so his wedding photography looks more like a lifestyle shoot rather than your average wedding day!

As a photographer myself, I appreciate someone who can transition from commercial photography to weddings so easily but keep such a consistent style & artistic identity. Jake is a good one to keep an eye on as he's always trying new things, whether it be how he styles a shot or how he's processed his images.

Aaron is actually a local photographer near to where I live, and I came across his work when a friend got married & showed me the pictures. There's a lot of competition in our neighbourhood, but I think Aaron's work stands out above the rest because of the way he approaches his subjects. 

His photography style centres around being creative & playful with focus, along with shooting from a different and interesting perspective. 

Photographically, his work is super technical too, and I'm always wondering how he lit certain shots! If you want another dimension adding to your wedding pictures, Aaron is your man.

Ok, I've followed the photography by these guys for a while now, and every Instagram/Twitter/Facebook post is a visual treat.

With Louise & Teo at the helm, Taylor & Porter are a unique wedding photography duo who shoot all their weddings on film. 

What I love about their work is that they are proper fine art photographers, creating dreamy wedding images that have a romantic yet timeless feel to them. The photos have an effortless sense of style about them too, making the wedding albums they produce seem more like a magazine editorial!

Being a regular user of film, I aspire to the thought of shooting a whole wedding non-digitally. At the moment it's just a dream, but I can always dream whilst gazing at the photos by Taylor & Porter!

Who are your favourite Wedding Photographers?

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