Friday, 24 July 2015

Bug Jam 2015!

Last weekend we both went to Bug Jam, a great little festival on our doorstep!

As we live in a small town, there's not a whole lot of events to go to/activities to do in our local area. So, when summer comes around, Bug Jam is a really easy option for a bit of weekend fun as it's only 10 miles down the road. 

Incase you haven't heard of the festival before, it's held at Santa Pod Raceway and is basically a celebration of all things Volkswagen. Now in its 29th year, people drive their Beetles and Campervans from all over the country to spend the weekend surrounded by people who share the same interest in cars. With people of all ages attending, Bug Jam is always full of good vibes too!

For the petrol heads, the main attractions are the Monster Trucks, freestyle Motorcross shows & the famous Jet Car. Even though we enjoy these, there's plenty more to do for those like us who aren't car enthusiasts! Our favourite way to spend Bug Jam is to go on a few rides at the fairground, watch some live bands or spend the evening in the dance music tent! There's also a skate ramp that David likes to go to and watch the BMX riders & Skateboarders.

Even though this year marked Hayley's 7th Bug Jam and David's 4th (I know, we're basically veterans!), it was slightly different due to the smaller size of our group. This time we went with Hayley's best friends Stacey and Hannah, which was a change as we're normally part of a bigger party. In the past we've found that people tend to filter off into smaller groups or get lost in the crowds of the dance tent! So, this year was nice as we could just move at our own pace, and have the occasional nap if needs be!

As David was working on the Friday, he had a bit of a late start on the first day of the festival. Once he arrived and had the chance to crack open a can of beer, Hayley and the girls went and got their faces made up in glitter, in prep for a night in the dance tent!

Once that was done, we went to the Caribbean food stand for dinner. Jerk chicken with rice & peas! We then went on a few rides at the fair before heading to the dance tent.

Once we were all up and about on the Saturday morning, we went for a late breakfast/early lunch. Out of all the things there are to do and see at Bug Jam, we get a strange satisfaction in choosing what food stand to go to. There is literally every type of food you can imagine, and our lunch on the Saturday was pretty hard to beat. We went to the Veggie Shack and had a Falafel, Halloumi and Tzatziki wrap. Notice there's no picture of it? Yeah it really was that good.

After eating we watched the Jet Car, a vehicle which can reach speeds of up to 300mph! So fast Hayley wasn't quite quick enough to catch it in on camera here..

After spending the day in the sun we had some noodles for dinner and then walked back to the tent. We also wanted to make an early start with our traditional Bug Jam drinking game - Wizard Stick!

However, not all of us felt like drinking straight away, so a bit of a late afternoon snooze was needed!

Once Hayley had a chance to re-charge she was right as rain and ready to start Wizard Stick! 

The idea of Wizard Stick is that once you finish your can, you tape it to the bottom of your new one. When your stick finally becomes head height you are pronounced a "Wizard". Great if you're a fan of Harry Potter or alcohol, or both.

Our second night turned out to be the best night of the two, and a great way to end Bug Jam. Whether it was the tactical napping or playing Wizard Stick, the 4 of us had an awesome time. Next year is Bug Jam 30 so we think it will be a big one and possibly the busiest one yet.

What are your favourite local festivals?

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