Sunday, 26 July 2015

10 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up

Recently I have been feeling a little down about a few things, so I thought I would make a list of things that makes me (and David) happy. When you are low it's nice to have distractions, so i'll use this list next time i'm feeling crappy- and you can too!

1. Our Pets

As long as an animal is well looked after and loved, they are happy. They are happy when you feed them and happy when you play with/fuss them. So there is nothing better than letting that happiness rub off on you. Spend more time with pets!

2. The Internet

The biggest and best distraction out there! You can watch what you like, when you like. If you feel like listening to a particular artist or band, they are just a click away! There are millions of funny cat videos, baking blogs, interior designs to pin, instagram feeds to scroll, tweets to retweet, old facebook friends to stalk and games to play in order to occupy your mind!

3. Friends

The best friends on this earth are the ones who make you forget your woes. You can spend hours with them and completely forget the horrible mood you were in before. They listen/talk about your problem for 5 mins, and then change the subject! These are the best people! Because after an hour of bitching, discussing your dream wedding & talking utter nonsense etc... you are in a great mood!

4. Mooching in shops

There is an art to mooching though. You walk round and go "This is nice" and "I'd love this" and "Aww look at these" but you go home empty handed! You are now depressed about the things you don't have, but you've forgotten about your real problems!

5. Comedy

The most obvious way to cheer yourself up! There is nothing better than putting on a standup and laughing for a few hours. Our favourites are Lee Evans, Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle!

6. Food

Food makes us so happy. I am 100% one of those people who eats my feelings! I'd go as far as to say eating food is a hobby of mine! Current comforts include; melted halloumi, cereal, mac and cheese, warm funfair/beach donuts, hummus, McDonalds fries, fig rolls, jaffa cakes (non branded ones), sour laces, butter popcorn and strawberries. Yum yum yum.

7. Country walks

I love walking. I love walking in the spring, summer, autumn and winter! Winter walks are the best because you can don a woolly hat and breath in the frosty air, but summer walks are just as lovely and green and full of bright flowers. Having a dog makes walking even better because Ernie loves sniffing everything, chasing birds and making friends with other dogs (see point 1!)

8. Disney films

Because this reminds you of childhood! And when you were a child your problems were much smaller and insignificant! It's great to escape into a world of fairy-tails and happy endings, and sing along to some of the best songs in the whole (new) world! Our favourite go-to Disney films are Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Wall-E, Finding Nemo and Mary Poppins.

9. Have a spring clean

Tidy house= tidy mind and all that! Although it's hard to start a tidy up, and i'd rather end up doing point 2, once you get going it's so worth it! I like to find an album to listen to before I start, and then crack on with it. The jobs I get the most satisfaction about completing are changing my bedding, throwing out stuff I don't need/no longer use, finally hanging up my clean clothes, organising my cosmetics and picking everything up off my floor! Then I can hang out in my clean space and feel content!

10. Blogging

The blogging world has really opened up a new community for us! It is so therapeutic and such a great creative outlet! It allows us to document the good times, and vent about the bad times. It's like a little place we can escape to, and I love reading other peoples stuff as well!

What do you do to cheer yourself up?

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