Saturday, 6 June 2015

Summer Is Here

It's finally June, and by our standards that means it's summer! Which means plenty of Summer plans...

After our post on waiting for our life to start where we spoke about our achievements in the last 3 years, we started to think about all the things we have to look forward to in the near future. If you read our post here, you'd have seen some of the things we love about Summer. Well now it's here and we actually have so many plans! Here is what can be expected on the blog in the next 4 months!

Our trip to Italy 

At the end of June we fly to Venice for 2 nights, and then to Sorrento for 5 nights. We are so excited to finally get away, eat Italian food, soak up the sun & culture, lounge in front of the pool and stay in the most beautiful marble hotel! David has 300 pictures worth of film to bring- so photograph central!

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary

We're not married but 10 years in a relationship is definitely a reason to celebrate we think, especially at our age! It seems so long ago since we were two 15 year olds meeting up at the park and talking about which bands we loved. We have gone through so many things and have grown up together. It's weird to think that by the time this blog is over in 2020, we'll have spent half our lives together. So on the 25th June we will be celebrating those 10 years sipping champagne in Italy!

Bug Jam Festival

In July we are going to a mini VW festival near our home town. We shared some photos of previous years here, and we're super excited to go again this year with our friends Hannah and Stacey! 

Meeting Lucas

Hayley's Stepmum's birth son James had a baby at the beginning of the year (Lucas) who we have yet to meet! We don't get to see James often, but it's always lovely to spend time with him. We can't wait to meet his little one at his 'Non Christening BBQ'!

Uni friends come to stay!

Hayley: It's my turn to host our Uni reunion, and although I'd have liked to be in my own house by August, I probably won't be yet! It will still be fun though, and i'll take them to all the nice places where I live plus a night out in Northampton will definitely be on the cards! 


Not ours...Our school friends Rachel & Lee (another childhood sweetheart story) are getting married! We are so excited to attend. David is taking the photos for them (1 of 3 weddings that month!) and we can't wait to be apart of their special day!

Notting Hill Carnival 

Last year I (Hayley) went to Notting Hill Carnival with some besties. SO many people told us not to go as it's notoriously dangerous and people get pick pocketed left right and centre. We didn't care! We love Caribbean food. So I donned my bumbag and danced with the best of them, chocolate sauce war paint and all! I would definitely recommend it for someone who hasn't been before, and we will be going back this August bank holiday.

James Bay

We both saw him play in February at KOKO in London. David won those tickets on Radio 1, so we thought we'd actually pay for a ticket this time! This gig is at the O2 Academy in Brixton and we're so excited to see him again!

With all this saving and house stuff going on, it's nice to have distractions. What are your big summer plans? We'd love to hear!

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