Sunday, 7 June 2015

Our Old Blogs

We realised the other day that even though this blog has been going for like 3 months or so, we have both been blogging for about 5 or 6 years!
If any of you reading this has taken a creative course at University in the last 5-8 years, you'll know how significant a blog can be in this day and age. Our tutors were very clear from the start that it's vital anyone creative has a blog! Sometimes in the creative industries people at an interview will actually ask you "So what's your blog called?" It can show your development as an artist, your inspiration, show your talents and it can even become a career path! Neither of us ever wanted our blogs to be a career or anything like that, and has always since day one been about fun and creativity (we are creatives after all!)

At University, both of our blogs were heavily based around our course and were very "studenty". Naturally, we both outgrew them when we came home, as we were no longer seeking 'inspiration' for Uni projects and we'd both settled into full time careers. It has been really nice to start a fresh with this blog, more mature, interested in new things and leading COMPLETELY different lives to back then. So we have been reminiscing about the old blogs, and thought we'd share them with you!

Hayley- Fifihippy

This was my first and only blog before this one. I started it when I'd just turned 19, before Uni and it was on Tumblr. I used to write about my life, my course (college or Uni), my inspiration, how to spruce up a University bedroom, show my own work and array of all things fashion. I love looking back through it and cringing at some of the things I was writing about. But when you are finding yourself and your creativity, you are bound to make mistakes and develop as a person! I'm sure i'll feel the same about the 5 Year Memory Blog when i'm 30!

I decided to start The White Wall Blog in my first year of Uni, when I noticed that the wall in the kitchen of our student house was brilliant for taking photos. It was massive, so you could get groups of mates photographed against a big white back drop! Once I realised I was using this for photos frequently, I decided to make it something official and The White Wall Blog was born. The most memorable moment of the WWB was doing a Star Wars 'all nighter.' Me and my housemates watched all 6 films back to back, and took portraits of one another against the wall after each film. Safe to say we didn't want our pictures taken towards the end!

The more and more I took photos on my phone (Samsung Monte at the time), the more a realised I needed somewhere to put them. Way before I discovered Instagram, I used to post my daily mobile shots on the Cameraphoneography blog! Back then, taking photos on your phone wasn't always decent quality, not like it is now with an iPhone. But I used to like the grainy quality, and there was just something about this that appealed to me. I actually got into photography through taking pictures on my first ever camera phone back in 2005!

This blog started when I began a module in my second year, which was to make a magazine. I wanted some kind of online scrap book to refer to/ a place to keep my thoughts. The original intention was to include both my inspiration and final pieces inspired by these, but it just remained as a place for inspiration in the end. Having the blog encouraged me to find inspiration from all sorts of mediums, ranging from film to landscape paintings. I'd definitely say having this blog really helped me find my photography style, so I'm glad the blog is still there to look back to. I kept this blog going until Summer 2013, and my last post was research into nude photography which did serve a purpose as I later did my first nude shoot (which you can see here). This turned out how I wanted it to, thanks to the blog.

If you have a blog, when did you start blogging?

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