Friday, 12 June 2015

Hayley Holiday Prep

In just under 2 weeks we're jetting off to Italy, so holiday prep has officially begun!

Over the last few months we have been slowly collecting bits to take with us and it's been so exciting. We haven't been on a proper hot holiday since we were 20, and we've been dying to book one for years. We decided to postpone buying a house for 1 month, and spent our months savings on a special holiday to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.

We're flying to Venice first for a 2 day city break, then flying to Sorrento for a 5 night stay by the sea. Here are just some of the things i'm doing to prep!

1. Went bikini shopping! Yay! I've wanted to do that for ages but never had an excuse. Luckily I work in lingerie and swimwear so I got a couple of freebees to try out whilst i'm there, but I also got this sporty one from River Island (pictured).

2. Bought various other holiday bits such as clothes, shoes, jewellery etc. There is nothing more fun than doing a holiday shop! Even if it has burned a hole in my pocket.

3. Going on from point 2, i've actually made an outfit list! Do other people do this? I've planned 8 day outfits and 8 evening outfits! Lets just hope it all fits in my suitcase.

4. Self tan. I don't usually like to do this before a holiday because I like to see the real tan forming! But as i'm in Venice for 2 days first, I won't get a chance to sunbathe.

5. Getting my nails done. Last year I used to gel my nails all the time, but it just weakens them and makes them break. But as it's a special occasion, i'll get them done clear just this once, and paint this dreamy pink Essie polish over the top!

6. Planning trips! David has really taken charge with this one! He ordered us this Wallpaper book on Venice, has picked out nice restaurants and has looked into a day trip to Capri!

We'd love to hear where you are planning on going next? Or if you have been to Venice/Sorrento some tips would be great!

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