Friday, 8 May 2015

The Best App For Budgeting!

Over the past year me and Hayley have become quite good with managing our personal budgets, but recently I stumbled upon an app that makes things a whole lot easier...

Since starting the saving process towards a house deposit, we've had to be quite strict with our spending, and give ourselves weekly budgets so that we don't over-spend each month. Up until last weekend I was typing my spendings into the standard "Notes" application that comes on any smart phone, which is a pretty long winded and boring way of doing things in my opinion.

Anyway, I finally cracked and thought that there MUST be an easier way, and there is!

The App is called Pennies and it makes managing money quicker, more simple and even fun to look at! Whether you need to set up a repeating weekly/monthly budget or a one off, tailor made one for a special holiday, this app is the perfect companion when on the move. It's super nice to look at too, with different coloured screens corresponding to different budgets & time frames. It does cost £2.29, but it's worth it!

Shortly after downloading it I showed it to Hayley, and within seconds she was won over too!

What's your favourite way to manage money?

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