Sunday, 10 May 2015

Suburban Skating

This weekend my oldest brother Ben came home from London for my Dad's birthday, so today we squeezed in a 45 minute skate sesh!

Despite being 25 & 26 in age, we still enjoy skating together, as it's a hobby we've both stuck with since our early teens. We love to just go for a roll around the estate we live on, as it's where it all started for us, and is also the home of lots of funny memories.

Nowadays I don't take skating as seriously as I used to do, so I just like to cruise about on a little Penny board as it's lightweight and super fast. This doesn't mean I don't hurt myself anymore though! Plastic boards hurt just as much as wooden ones when they whack you in the shin! 

In the last few months however we have been lucky enough to have a skatepark built down the road from us, which is a little too late for us now at our age but it's still a good thing to have. 

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