Monday, 25 May 2015

Life Is What Happens When You’re Waiting For Something Else

I checked my timehop today, and this time 3 years ago I tweeted ‘Life is what happens when you’re waiting for something else.’ I’m not sure where I’d heard that or if I’d come up with it myself, but it was obviously how I was feeling at the time. When I read it this morning it really hit home, because it just summed up my life at the moment in so many ways- even 3 years on! It made me sit and think about my life right now, and evaluate how I’ve been feeling recently. 

A girl who started work the same day as me left last week and we were getting all nostalgic. She was 17 when we started and I was 22. She was saying how much has changed in her life in 2 and a half years, and it made me realise that pretty much nothing has changed in mine. I am now 25 years old. I’m still living at home. I’m still doing the same job. I’m still doing the same old stuff every day. I’m still driving the same old car. In my defence, I changed a lot from 17 to 20…but it still made me slightly depressed! 

Recently it seems like my life hasn’t started yet! I know why, it’s because we’re saving for a house. If we weren’t saving for a house we could have moved in together by now, and settled down etc. But we are saving, and that's the choice we've made. Right now I feel stagnant and sometimes it feels like things are never going to happen. But when I read that quote on my timehop, it made me think of all the things that HAVE happened in our lives!

  • We grew up. Learnt a few lessons along the way! You can read some of them here.
  • David learnt to drive and bought a car, which meant it wasn’t always me driving! Which was nice!
  • We have made new friends and had some really great times with them over the last 3 years! 
  • We have equally had some great times with the friends we already have!
  • We have saved! A lot of money! And that is something to be really proud of.
  • I’ve done well in my job, and David finally got the career in Photography he’d been working hard for.
  • I’ve lost weight by not eating and living like a Uni student!
  • We’ve lost friends and family, which is obviously a bad thing but it’s made us love and appreciate the time we have with the ones who are here.
  • We have celebrated our 7th, 8th and 9th anniversary!
  • We have celebrated 3 years of birthdays, which is a blessing.
  • We have gained 2 more pets! Ernie and Billy.
  • We paid off our student overdraft, which felt like it would take forever.
  • I finally stopped biting my nails at 24, which if you know me was a big achievement!
  • In the time that we have been saving, it has given David the opportunity to get back into playing music like the keyboard and guitar. And I have joined a gym to motivate me and it gave me an extracurricular activity!

So it just goes to show that sometimes when things feel like they aren’t going anywhere, they are! When you are being as patient as you can to get to where you want, you mustn’t forget that life is still happening and you must enjoy every moment of it! It’s not that things haven’t happened yet, it’s just something to look forward to!

Hope you have had a lovely bank holiday!

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