Saturday, 23 May 2015

Introducing Chessy

The last of the animals to introduce to you is Chessy the ginger tomcat! 

I've had Chessy since I was 14 (which makes him 11 years old), and he's the most soppy yet aggressive cat i've ever met in my life! He absolutely loooves cuddles and fusses, but on his terms only. If he isn't in the mood to be picked up and cuddled, you can expect a swipe! Don't EVER tickle his tummy or he'll grab your arm with all 4 paws and maul you to pieces! Other than that...he's lovely! He's one of those pets where if someone brings their kids over and says "Is she OK to stroke the cat" we're all like "Oooo no....I wouldn't..."

Chessy when he was a kitten in 2004
I think his weird and feisty behaviour stems from me rough playing too much as a kitten (letting him bite and scratch me when it didn't hurt) and having a 4 year old (my brother at the time) chasing him and not fully understanding he wasn't a toy. He was never mistreated, but we think he built up a defence mechanism and got used to being able to bite and scratch as he got older!

Like Ernie, I have made a list of my favourite things Chessy does!

  • Lay on my chest for fussing (even though he weighs an absolute tonne) 
  • Sit above/on top any boy or man on the sofa to display his dominance over them! No honestly...
  • Chat to me! If I say 'Chessy' I can guarantee a 'Meow' back!
  • How he tolerates Ernie! Getting a puppy upset him at first, but now he'll even have a play with him if he's in the mood!
  • How scared he is of my rabbit!
  • How scared he is of the hair dryer! 
  • When he sits at my Mums bedroom window watching the birds flying in and out the nests...and how he chatters his teeth at them! Strange boy!
  • When I catch him out of my bedroom window climbing and exploring the factory roof tops behind our house!

I have always had a cat in my life! Before Chessy there was Smootie. I'm a total cat lady, and as soon as me and Dave move in together we're getting a kitten!

What do you love about your pets?

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