Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ernie's First Walk- Post Op

Today was Ernie's first walk since his operation!

This morning my Mum took Ernie for his first walk, and this evening I went on his second. He should be going on 3 short walks a day, but after his first walk this morning he slept for most of the day! I'm sure the more used to it he gets, they more he'll be able to walk. He was quite poorly for a few weeks before his op so he didn't walk much, and he's been in his crate for 2 weeks so he's quite unfit at the moment.

He'll need to start building the muscle back up not only in his bad leg, but the others that he hasn't been using! This is where his physiotherapy starts, and we've been practicing some things already. Above you can see that we have to encourage him to walk up and down curbs, which naturally helps the muscles and bones. He gets on with this no trouble, and is actually quite sprightly! 

We are also keeping him on a short lead and using a harness. This helps with his movement and doesn't encourage him to run off too fast or vigorously. 

Ernie was keen to show off his war wound to the other dogs in the park!
We made a few little friends on our travels, and even though they were a little boisterous, Ernie wasn't phased. We do have to be careful with larger dogs though, just incase they play a bit too roughly and jump on him.

All in all we had a nice little walk. You could sort of see him limping by the time we got back to our road, and he was very tired when we got in. A few more days of this and he should hopefully get some of his stamina back- I know he's itching to chase a ball and run around!

Hope you have had a nice day!

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