Sunday, 31 May 2015

Dear Diary- May 2015

Spring is almost over, which means tomorrow it's Summer! This is what we got up to in May.

Where we've been

David: At the beginning of the month we actually had a week off work together which was a nice well deserved break, but we only really stayed local and went shopping most days, so it ended up being a quite expensive week! We also recently enjoyed the bank holiday beer festival at our local pub, which is always good fun, but always busy! Aside from that I went on a work outing to Chelsea Flower show which was a new experience for me- you'll be able to read all about that and see my pictures next week on the blog!

Hayley: The month kicked off with a whole weekend watching Ernie. My Mum and brother went on a rugby tour that weekend and me and Dave watched the puppy for 4 whole days! It was a bit stressful but so much fun as well! We then had a week off at the beginning of the month right after the first bank holiday Monday. I travelled to Nottingham to visit my Uni friends, and then met up again with one of them in London which you can read about here and here! Other than that it's just been quite chilled out at home going to friend's parties, walking Ernie and going to our local beer festival!

What we've been watching

David: I found myself at home one evening with nothing to watch, so after browsing Netflix I decided to give Prison Break a go. Liking it so far, so let's see how I feel after Season 1.

Hayley: We are now on series 4 of Game of Thrones! It's getting so good, I literally cannot believe i've waited so long to watch it! What else?  I've got back into Keeping Up With The Kardashian's and i'm catching up with this series. I also watched a really cool documentary on Netflix which I wrote about here.

What we've been listening to

David: After constantly putting it off I finally got round to buying the live John Mayer album "Where The Light Is". I've been streaming it for ages on Spotify but thought it would be nice to have it on in the car.

Hayley: There have been a few songs out recently that i've loved! Nick Jonas- Chains, Fono- Real Joy & Lianne La Havas- Unstoppable. I will make a new playlist for the blog soon!

What we've been wearing

David: As the weather is getting warmer I've started to wear long sleeve t-shirts a lot more, without the need for an extra layer.

Hayley: I have fallen in love recently with the array of Van slip on style shoes everywhere! I want them all! I havn't had a lot of money this month because of our holiday coming up so i've gone for some cheaper options! The first one which I thought was genius was a pair of plain black ones from the children's section of Primark for £3! And then I bought some white snake skin style ones from H&M for £10!

What we've been eating

David: I've enjoyed going out for dinner & lunch a lot this month, which is one of my favourite things to do, but is unfortunately where I spend 90% of my money. I did however experience my first ever milkshake at Byron though, and it was rather special.

Hayley: It seems like we've eaten out quite a bit recently! We've been to this American diner near our house quite a bit, and Byron Burger too! But the best place i've eaten this month is LEON in London. I've wanted to try LEON for ages but never had the chance! It did not disappoint!

What we've bought

David: I indulged a bit this month and bought myself a(nother) new camera and some amazing quality film for it . My excuse to Hayley for buying it was that it will take the most beautiful pictures when we go to Italy! I want these holiday photos to be special as I don't know when we'll next get to have a nice holiday!

Hayley: I've been on a bit of a holiday spree recently, and got things like a beach bag, shoes, playsuit, jewellery etc. I've also gone back to Clinique foundation, as I just didn't get on with NARS and it didn't last long at all!! But the best purchase this month has been mine and Dave's sofa bed for our new house! It's beautiful, big and grey- and we tested it out last week so we know it's also very comfy!

Lessons learned and reflections

David: I'd say I've got a lot better at budgeting and having the Pennies app has helped me keep on top of things in the last month. With all the shopping I've done in the last few weeks I've definitely gained a stronger will power too!

Hayley: Live every day with intention, and life is what happens when you’re waiting for something else!

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