Friday, 1 May 2015

Dear Diary- April 2015

It’s that time again for the monthly round up! And April has been up and down!

Where we've been

David: Kent was a nice break for us both as it's been a while since we've both visited there together. I've mainly just been enjoying the nice spring weather that we've been having, which has resulted in me going out with my camera a bit more often!

Hayley: What David said (Kent)…it was lovely, as we hadn’t seen my Dad and Step Mum since Christmas! Weekends away in Kent are always relaxing and a chance to catch up with family! I have also been to the vets a few times with Ernie, as he's had an operation on his leg! You can read about this here and here.

What we've been watching

David: Game of Thrones is really the only show I've found the time to watch, but I do have my eye on some new programs such as The Enfield Haunting which are coming to Sky soon.

Hayley: Game of Thrones…Game of Thrones….and…more Game of Thrones! It has taken years to finally sit down and watch, and I’m so glad we have! Me and Dave hardly watch shows together, so it’s nice to have something to look forward to!

What we've been listening to

David: As you can see from my Instagram I've been listening to a bit of old school Stevie Wonder, which I'm actually borrowing from Hayley's Mum at the moment haha! I like a lot of old music but I think Stevie Wonder has a lot of songs which are perfect for a summer road trip. I also bought the debut album from Jungle which is ace, along with "Natural Gaming Talent" by Black Forest Ghetto.

Hayley: After last months trip to Disneyland Paris, I went out and bought the NOW Disney album! It’s literally the best thing to stick on in your car and have a proper sing to. Other than that I love Blur and Muse’s new music! Cannot wait for both those albums.

What we've been wearing

David: I'm currently trying to sort out some clothes for our Italy trip this summer, and so far I've only bought 2 pairs of swim shorts. Aside from that I've been living in a hoody I bought from Zara Man as it's super soft, cosy and lightweight.

Hayley: I’ve been slowly buying some bits to take on holiday as well and some more summery workwear. There is a lot of print, and some stripes thrown in for a summer staple! I have also got another bikini from River Island which I’m so exciting to wear!

What we've been eating

David: Drink wise, i've got everyone in my office back to drinking ground coffee again! We all love it as a bit of an afternoon treat. I love it because in a way, it sort of brings everyone together making the coffee break a proper communal activity!

Hayley: What haven’t I been eating? Pasta. That’s what. My friends bet me £5 each that I can’t last until June (Italy) without eating pasta, and so far I haven’t! It’s been over a month and I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to tucking into a huge bowl of spaghetti as SOON as we land!

What we've been reading

David: I know it's a bit of a plug but I like to spend my lunch hour on A Little Opulent to see what the other contributors are writing. Even though I write for them every fortnight I still like to go on there for inspiration and to learn something new.

Hayley: Being on Bloglovin a lot more, I’m starting to read more and more blogs. My favourites at the moment are Style and Well Being, ALO, From Roses, A Beautiful Mess, The Londoner, Sugar and Cloth & Maison Ellis. 

What we've bought

David: Already mentioned it, but it was nice to treat myself to some quality clothing for a change this month. I only own a couple of things from Zara Man but I can see it being a new favourite place of mine for quality staple items.

Hayley: As well as the clothes, I bought myself a new handbang, which I NEVER do! I have never been a handbag kinda girl, but I fell in love with the sky blue tote from Top Shop. I had a £20 voucher to spend, so it only cost me £16! Not bad.

Lessons learned and reflections

David: From looking at potential homes I've learnt to not get too attached, and to be patient/willing to wait for something better.

Hayley: Dogs are a huge responsibility and sometimes need some extra care. Keep an eye on their behaviour to catch problems/illnesses early on.

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