Saturday, 16 May 2015

Beyond Clueless

If like me you 'like totally' spent the 90's and 00's in a warp of teen highschool flicks, then you'll LOVE this documentary!  

Film critic turned filmmaker Charlie Lyne has made one of the fetchest documentaries i've seen in ages (Beyond Clueless), and I discovered it whilst flicking through Netflix! I'd describe it more as a visual dissertation rather than a documentary, as it goes through point, example and analysis throughout. In a nutshell it's a 'how to survive highschool according to American teen films' guide, and features over 200 films (basically every teen film you could possibly think of is in it!) 

And the coolest thing, is that it's narrated by Fairuza Balk who plays Nancy in 'The Craft' -1996.

'Beyond Clueless' starts by explaining 'The Craft' as a sort of introduction. It takes you through Sarah's introduction into their highschool, and how she comes to make friends with a bunch of misfits. It's a perfect explanation of your 'typical' highschool, and even though it's sort of fantasy sci fi, it touches on the core elements of every teen film. And then he breaks these elements down film by film!

He talks about the films in a way i'd never viewed them before. Especially when you are younger, you probably don't see the hidden meaning of some of these films, which to me have always appeared very 'bubble gum'. Some parts of this doc are quite deep and dark at times, and it makes you realise how weird some films are! 
The music is this film is all very 90's sounding which makes for good nostalgia alongside the clips. It's made me want to go through my whole collection and watch them all again!

If you have Netflix and an hour and a half this weekend, I fo'sho recommend this documentary! 

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