Saturday, 2 May 2015

Bank Holiday Puppy Sitter

This weekend we're on puppy sitting duties!

When we first agreed to watch Ernie for the bank holiday weekend (while my Mum and Brother were away on rugby tour), he hadn't yet been diagnosed. We planned to do all sorts with him this weekend, like country walks and maybe a trip to the seaside! But alas, he is still recovering! So it's a weekend in for us 3! 

As he needs plenty of crate rest, we have moved him into my room at nights. Although I was out last night on a hen do, he was very good for David and went to bed no trouble. We were afraid he was going to cry without my Mum there, but he was very good! In 3 days it will have been 2 weeks since his operation, which means he can go for short walks and start his physiotherapy. As it's nearly 2 weeks, we may take him to David's Grandmas tomorrow evening for a change of scenery and relax on the sofa.

We have a week off after this so it hasn't dampened our weekend! We love spending time with him!

What are your plans this bank holiday?

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