Sunday, 3 May 2015

15 Reasons Why We're Excited To Move In Together

In June we will have been together for 10 years, which is pretty unheard of at 25! Yet we STILL don't live together, which is even more unheard of after that amount of time.
We think a lot of school sweethearts that stay together move straight out of their parents home and in with each other (especially back in the day). But we did things a little differently. We both went to separate Universities, which gave us 3 years to live independently and make our own little lives. We feel this was really important in shaping who we were, and it taught us how to be independent without relying on each other which we both wanted.

After Uni we both moved back home with our parents to settle back into working life and to start saving, which has taken another 3 years! The time is ALMOST here for us to live together which has really felt like a long time coming, and we are beyond ready! So here is our top 15 reasons why we're so damn excited!!

1. No more over night bags. If any of you flutter back and forth between a partners place you'll feel our pain. We hate having to rally everything together the night before, we're just so sick of it!

2. More time together. Even though we see each other most days, it never feels like quality time together. We both start work early, and then by the time we come home to our own house, sort stuff out, eat dinner with our own families, have a bath/shower, pack a bag (grr...) it's like 8pm! So we drive over to the other persons house, settle down, chill out for a couple of hours before it's time for bed again as we get up so early. We just want to be able to come home from work and spend some more time cooking and eating together!

3. Nesting. Both of us are really into interiors, and we've already decorated our imaginary house in our heads and on Pinterest a million times over. We have some really great pieces of furniture already to use as inspiration, and we just can't wait for the room by room projects (which we will most definitely blog about)!

4. The dream bathroom Lush basket. As we're both 25, we never use the term 'goals' because that is reserved for 14 year olds. But after seeing Zoella's basket of Lush products in one of her vlogs, Hayley may have whispered it oh so quietly so nobody heard. We just think it would be amazing to have a big hamper of Lush bath goodies to choose from, and if we ever have guests they can treat themselves to a Lush bath! Naturally, David will have the token robot boy bath bomb!

5.  Dinner time. Like we have mentioned before, we want to start learning to cook more. When we move in together we will be doing our own weekly/monthly/wheneverwerunoutoffoodly shops. This means we can plan meals and recipes to try together, which we're super excited about!

6. Having guests/parties. Neither of us have ever lived in the house that people hang out in. Both our Mums are quite private and rarely wanted a house full of 'kids'. So when we finally get our own place, we're both itching to be the host for once! We can't wait to have our mates over for the evening, or Uni friends coming to stay.

7. Pets. When we move, Billy will be coming with us. If we have enough room we may take Winnie, but he's getting pretty old now so it may be best to leave him at Hayley's Mums- we'll see! We are also planning on getting a kitten, because Hayley cannot possibly live in a house without a cat. We will also have some bits for Ernie for when he comes over- we will miss him so much!

8. Quiet. David's house it's usually quiet, but Hayley's is usually quite busy. There are 4 pets and a teenage boy to manoeuvre around so it's rare to get a moment to yourself. Although the hustle and bustle is fine at times we can't wait to have a completely quiet Sunday morning lay in, without dogs barking and people getting up for Rugby practice (love you really!!).

9. Watching TV on an actual TV. Since Uni we have both watched TV and films on our MacBooks, and since we moved back home that hasn't changed. As our own TVs are usually occupied, we still watch most stuff in our rooms! We can't wait to lay back on our own sofa and watch our shows on more than a 13 inch screen. 

10. Coming home together. Whenever we go away for the night/weekend, we always go home to our own home. For once it would be nice to come home from somewhere together, unpack together and then unwind from our trip together- not on our tod!

11. More room. Right now, everything we own is stored in our own bedrooms. Hayley has to dry her washing in her room, David's wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and it's easy for things to get messy and unorganised.We need to be able to spread our crap around a whole house!!!

12. More clothing storage. Going on from the point above, we can't wait to have some bigger wardrobes to hang our clothes and a space for our shoes. Again, these are stuffed in 1 place in our room and it feels like 1 big pile sometimes.

13. Having a working space. We have already decided that our 2nd bedroom will be a study/sewing room/general working space, and a guest room second. The plan is to have a nice sofa bed, a sewing table for Hayley and a desk for David to scan and edit photos.

14. Art and Photography. As we are both arty people, we want our house to be full of cool prints and pictures which we have already started to collect. We may throw in a couple of our own pieces for a bit of self indulgence! 

15. Waking up together. If ever we have a busy evening ahead, we will usually call a 'night in' which means 'not seeing each other'. This happens probably 2 evenings a week, which doesn't seem that bad, but it's 2 evenings too long for us. When we live together we will still have time to ourselves, but at the end of the day we will still go to bed together and wake up together- which is the most important thing. Although we will still occasionally miss 'the double bed to ourself sprawl' :P

What do you love about living with your partners?

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