Wednesday, 13 May 2015

10 Reasons Why We Didn't Move To London

When we first finished Uni, we thought moving to London was the be all and end all for us. But we couldn’t have been more wrong.

We only intended on coming back home for a few months to a year, and then the plan was the move to the big smoke. We thought that if you wanted a job in the photography and the fashion industry, there was no other option than to move there, and we were also eager to move somewhere with ‘excellent nightlife.’

However, as we’ve gotten older and more settled, we’ve realised there is absolutely no need! We were so busy stressing about moving that we didn’t realise how great we already had it! For anyone who isn’t sure whether moving to London is the right or wrong thing for them, here are our top 10 reasons why it was wrong for us.

1. Country life. You can have all the parks in the world London, but we can still hear the sirens. We are both complete country bumpkins at heart, and spend a lot of our downtime in country parks!

2. Careers. For us, we were lucky enough to find job opportunities in Photography and Fashion in our local area. It pays to do a bit of research into your own county; you may be surprised as to what is already on your doorstep.

3. Travel. The thought of working in the city now makes us both shudder slightly. Call us boring, but we quite like our 15-25 minute door to door quiet drive to work every morning. Not sure we could be bothered with the hustle and bustle of the underground now. Who knows, we may commute sometime in the future…but not yet!

4. London for fun. London for us is better for a weekend trip or occasional night out. London still feels like a treat and something exciting when we go, and we just like to have the free time to explore and take pictures!

5. Living costs. You get more for your money living outside of London! You just do! Don’t get us started on the price of a pint!

6. House. When we were thinking of moving there, the areas/studio flats we could afford if we wanted to live alone were just depressing…and that was just renting! We soon realised that if we stayed we could buy a house, and our monthly payments would be half the price of renting in London. It’s mad.

7. Friends and Family. Most of our friends and family live in the East Midlands instead of London. We honestly think if we lived in London we wouldn't see friends as much, even the ones who live in London!

8. ‘London Life.’ Yes, we know the social side of London is amazing and so is the shopping. But there are so many places near us with just as much! We’re short driving distances from places like Nottingham, Milton Keynes and even some of our more local smaller towns for amazing shops , restaurants and bars!

9. Middle of everything! Where we live now, we can pretty much hop in a car and drive anywhere in the UK in less than 3 hours! With all that traffic and train delays in London you can sometimes spend 3 hours trying to leave the city!

10. A bit of cheer. We know it’s stereotypical to say, but people just don't seem as friendly and welcoming in London than anywhere else. You are one of a million people, why should someone help you, or make polite chit chat in the queue? Because it’s nice! That’s why!

Who else has chosen not to move into the city?

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