Saturday, 25 April 2015

Spring Tea At Sharnbrook

Today I visited my Grandad, and we had a 'Spring Tea!'

This afternoon my Grandad's care home put on a spring tea for the residents and their families, so me and my Mum went along. We sat with Grandad in a quiet corner of the dining room and snacked on as many different types of cake that you can imagine! We were also treated to Pimms and tea, which kicked off a proper British summer!

After the tea, we took Grandad for a walk around the grounds of the house, down to the river at the bottom of the garden. 20 years ago my Grandad lived at the farm which is next door to the care home, so now he can look over all of his old farm fields and water. He has always been a man of the outdoors, so as it was a nice day we went and snapped some pictures.

My Grandad has lived in the care home for about 4 or 5 months now, and even though it was quite a difficult move for him, he seems to be settled now. He has dementia, so his short term memory is quite bad. But he can tell you a million stories from his childhood and younger days, and he still knows so much about animals and plants. He was telling me all about the swans and the ducks today!

How have you spent your Saturday?

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