Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lets Talk Politics!

Don't know anything about politics? Me neither! Come on in! It's a lengthy one...

This is the first year I have sat up and started to listen to the different political parties. In the past i've either been too young or preoccupied with other things. Last time there was an election I was at Uni. I sort of listened when the Liberal Democrats starting talking about unpaid internships and tuition fees. I even nearly went to the protest (more commonly known as 'the student riots'), but I wasn't interested enough! Politics has always been very intimidating to me, and anyone who knows what they are talking about intimidates me. The whole subject just isn't welcoming and talking about it with peer groups can sometimes get ugly! You can make a passing comment such as 'Oh yeah Labour have some really interesting points' and someone you have known for years will come out of the woodwork and tell you how bad you are for thinking that! 

People are so judgemental and the whole shebang becomes too complicated, that's why I have never voted and why I feel a lot of others don't bother. Is it just me, or did they not teach us this in school? I know you can take a politics class in GCSEs and ALevels, but i'm talking year 7! This didn't happen right? If it did then they didn't make it engaging enough for children (me) to understand, and if they didn't that is a major flaw in our schools! If I had been taught all this in school, it would make it so much easier to form my own opinion! Oh well, it's up to me to make the effort and educate myself now!

Up until a couple of weeks ago I thought voting went like this; You register, go to your polling station and vote Lib Dem or Green Party etc. Wrong! Apparently you vote for whoever is running for those particular parties in your area, then whoever wins that gets a seat in parliament as an MP representing your area for that party! I'm sure a lot of you are reading this thinking 'Oh dear're so stupid,' but I can't be the only one who didn't know that? Well now we all do. So I have to vote for someone in my area depending on their personal policies that reflect their party? Who is running in my area you say? I have no idea!! I tried googling it and hardly anything comes up. There is so little information that it's no wonder I have no clue. I think the best thing for me to do is go to the different parties websites and see if my town is represented I guess? Stay tuned!

How do people know who to vote for? Listen to their views and make a decision? Vote for the local MP or the party? Tactical vote? There is so much to consider. To try and make things really simple I googled 'Who to vote for UK?' and surprisingly I stumbled upon THIS website! For anyone who is like me and has no idea where to start, this is a great thing to do. 

You fill out a questionnaire on different political issues, and then it tells you which party to vote for! Who doesn't love a little quiz? So...I should vote Labour! Should I? Who knows, but it's made me more interested. I think I will start with Labour and do some research into the party and my local Mr Labour to see what I think. Then i'll move on to some others and compare!

I think I will definitely vote this year. Just need to do a bit more researching I think. I've probably totally misunderstood everything and have told you all a load of crap! Sorry!

Who else is a first time voter this year? And who else has no idea what's going on!

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