Monday, 6 April 2015

Introducing Winnie!

Keeping with the theme of Easter, meet Winnie! My 6 year old Lop Bunny!

I've had Winnie since 2009 and even though he doesn't run and skip about as much as he used to, he still likes the occasional hop around the garden when it's sunny. The rest of the time he lives in a hutch indoors along with my puppy, cat and fish!

I had been begging my Mum for a rabbit for a while when I was about 18/19, and she was insistent that she didn't want one. But one weekend when I was visiting my Dad I had a phone call from her saying "I've made an impulse purchase!!" She saw Winnie in Pets At Home and just couldn't resist buying him, as he was so cute and fluffy!!

Baby bunny Winnie when we first bought him in 2009.

The name 'Winnie' was short for Winifred, until we quickly realised he wasn't a girl at all! So now Winnie is short for Winston...naturally. I think if we have enough room, we will take Winnie with us when we move out (along with David's bunny Billy). But we're not sure if we will keep them together as they are both used to living alone and neither have been neutered! 

Baby Winnie 2009

What pets do you have?

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