Monday, 2 March 2015

White Company Wish List

No matter where I am or who i'm with, if there is a White Company in sight-i'm in the door...

The first time I discovered The White Company, was at David's University town of Cheltenham. Cheltenham was a far cry from my Uni town of Chatham, so whenever I visited I would make a beeline for the high street! 

I have only ever bought 1 item from The White Company, and that was a Christmas decoration (and i'm pretty sure my Mum bought it...) But whenever i'm in there, I make several mental notes of what I'd love. Even David spots some nice stuff from time to time! There are a few key items currently on my wish list, and I aim to slowly but surely collect them!

Bedding: There is something so dreamy about white bedding! I don't know how they do it, but WC always manage to make their plain white bedding look so detailed. I WANT.

Candles: This Wild Mint candle is so so dreamy. I have a thing for fruity scents, but recently I have developed a love for herby scents too! This reminds me of sipping cocktails in the summer!

All the kitchen stuff: So many white kitchen products, so little kitchen to put them in! But we can dream.

Jeans:  I am yet to try these beauties on, purely because I already know i'll love them. When it comes to denim I have annoyingly pricey taste- but my purse disagrees. Sigh.

All the baby stuff: Nothing makes a girl broody quite like the baby section of WC! The boys section is so cute with all of it's pirate themed jammies, and it's like they WANT me to have a baby girl with all of that bunny stuff! Maybe I could buy this blanket for myself? That's cool right?

However, the thing I wish for the MOST, is this soft waffled dressing gown! My Mum spotted it as well on our last trip- like Mother like daughter! The White Company are currently running a competition in honour of Mother's Day, so I have entered on my personal Instagram using the hashtag #treatmum 

Fingers crossed!

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