Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekend Wanders in Olney

Yesterday me and Hayley made a spontaneous trip to Olney, a small market town within the Borough of Milton Keynes...

Only a 20 minute drive from home, Olney's a town that we pass through many a time when going to shop in MK, but not one we've had the chance to visit together.

It's such a beautiful little place, full of vintage, homeware, antique and art shops. The houses along the high street are quaint and full of character too, nestled between little alley ways that take you to other parts of the town. We personally loved the old Lace Factory which is now converted into apartments. 

To us, it really is the dream local place to live!

I have actually visited Olney a few times with my Dad in the past, and instantly became obsessed with the tea shop called Teapots. They're a family run business who support their community by using local produce. So, when we decided to come here for the day I told Hayley that we had to go there for lunch!

Aside from great tea, the decor in there is so cosy and British, and the perfect place to take a break from the shops.

If you ever find yourself heading to Milton Keynes for shopping, be sure to make a stop at Olney first!

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