Wednesday, 18 March 2015



In just over a week, I shall be running off to Paris with my bestests for a weekend of madness! But what to do?

When I was 20 a group of us from Uni went to Paris for Fashion Week, and it was so much fun! Aside from trying to get into fashion shows we visited all the major landmarks, including....

The Eiffel Tower

Tuileries Garden

Sacre Coeur

Moulin Rouge

Pyramide Du Louvre

We even went to some more unusual places such as
the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, which sounds really creepy but it's stunning! I will definitely be taking my friends there.

The 3 of us are meeting up before we go to plan plan plan! It would be great to hear what you recommend doing in Paris, where are the best places to grab food and where can we get a cocktail or 5?

Merci! xx

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