Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Paris- Day trois

Paris- Day trois. Minnie ears, pirates and a little cry!

On a very wet day 3, we got up early and went to Disneyland Paris! The weather didn't dampen our mood ;)  and it was probably my favourite day. We had already woken Hannah up with her birthday cards and a bottle of champagne so I hope we started the day good for her! 

I had never been to Disneyland before, and until we got to Paris we hadn't actually planned to go at all! But on a whim our inner child forced us to go, and I did everything I wanted to do as a child! I got Minnie Mouse ears, and went on all the fun rides. I didn't think i'd want to go on them all but the girls encouraged me to and it was so much fun. We didn't do too much queuing which was good, I think if it had been sunny it would have been a lot busier. 

There are two (smallish) parks in Paris- Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios, and we spent a good amount of time in both. We then headed back to the Disneyland bit to watch the parade, which was spectacular! It was so nostalgic and we had a lovely cheesy little cry and a hug when it was finished!

At this point the rain had started to come down pretty hard! We did some obligatory Disney shopping and then ran onto the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! I think next to the Ratatouille and Crush ride, this was my favourite. I already love the film, so I found that really cool! Then surprisingly, it sails past a Caribbean we knew where we were going for dinner! I don't think the other girls liked theirs because they are both really into their spicy Caribbean food, but I loved mine! Easily pleased me!

By the time we had eaten, it was dark outside and the castle was all lit up pink! It was so magical and beautiful and it has really made me want to go to the Disneyland Florida! David has been there so many times, so my mission is to save for that after we buy our house!

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