Sunday, 1 March 2015

New Season Resolution?

Good morning people! It's the 1st of March! And you know what that means? It's officially spring!! (Well, the way I count it does!) Over the past few years I have made new years resolutions AND stuck to them, but there is always one that I make and can never uphold.....

To my Mother's disappointment (she used to be a chef- oops), I cannot cook! Don't get me wrong- I can cut up some meat and cook it in a shop bought sauce, but nothing from scratch. Lets just say I survived at Uni! Nothing wrong with supernoodles and chicken nuggets right? Oh.... 

The only thing I can make from scratch is a chocolate roulade which is actually pretty damn tasty, so I know I can do it. But every year I always declare to myself "This is your year Hayley! You WILL learn to cook." And it never happens. However this is the year I leave home for good, and if I want to eat well, i'm literally going to have to! 

I'm a sucker for collecting those Waitrose newspapers and magazines, scrolling through Pinterest and collecting recipes for me to try. So I have bought this really cute book from Paperchase and have decided to put a recipe book together. I'll also write some of my Mum's own recipes in there, as I need to be able to make spaghetti bolognese the way she does! 

There! Now I have to stick to it. Because not only have I declared it to myself, i've declared it to you. And who cares if it's not January the 1st, it's never too late to make a resolution! Stay tuned for my first ever attempt! Even if it goes tits up i'll show you how I did.

I hope you have a great spring ahead of you. It's our favourite time of the year.
Thanks for reading xx

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