Saturday, 21 March 2015

Location Location Location #1

So, we are officially on a quest to pick a location to live. We have 7 places in mind, and today we decided to take a drive to one of them.

We won't name the towns as we don't want to give away TMI about ourselves, so we'll call this place 'Ghost Town'. Although we both drive through this place weekly, neither of us had ever parked up and walked about. We drove over at lunch time and had a wander down the High Street. 

There was about 3 Antique shops, a quaint book shop, a butchers, a couple of cafes and some hairdressers....but it was dead! For a Saturday we expected the High Street to be full of shoppers and passers by, but we were so wrong. There are bigger towns next to this one, so we thought maybe people drive elsewhere at the weekend. But everyone? It was kind of disappointing, as we expected a bit more of an atmosphere to be honest!

However, there were some good points! In places, it's so pretty. There are some really cosy cottages and little side streets. The Antique shops were cute as well, and it's nice and quiet (so you could live a pretty undisturbed life). It's also pretty close driving distance to other more 'exciting' places if we wanted to get out and do something.

It is definitely a potential town for us still, so we won't rule it out just yet! But there are other places we plan on seeing in the next couple of weeks or so.

What do you look for in a place to live?

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