Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Local Trotters

Being full-time workers, we both have to make the most of our weekends! Now and again we will jump on a train or take a road trip somewhere for a change of scenery...
This year has already seen us visiting places like Bristol, Kent, London, Nottingham, Yorkshire and we're only in March! We love seeing different parts of the country, visiting places we've never been, eating in local cafes and wandering round museums etc. Being a photographer, David also enjoys discovering new places through the lens - exploring the nooks and crannies of Britain.

Here is a list of places we plan/would love to visit this year.

Cornwall: The beaches in Cornwall are meant to be stunning. We know a few people who have been and they love it. The ice cream, the pasties, what's not to love?

Brighton: Another seaside town! We have been to Brighton a couple of times before, but it's been about 3 years since we last visited. We both adore antique shops and arty places, so Brighton is always a great stay. One for the summer weekend away list!

London: At least one of us will visit London each month for something or other, but sometimes it's nice to go just the two of us to do something together. London is only 45 minutes away from us on the train, so it's nice to go for the evening or a Saturday. We love places like South Bank, Camden, Brick Lane and Notting Hill, but there are a few more areas we want to visit. There are so many pubs we have been dying to drink in around Bankside, so this is the year we will do that!

The NORTH!: In February, Hayley drove up to Yorkshire to see her Uni friends. It didn't take as long as she thought, so we should start visiting more Northern places. One place we'd love to go is the Lake District, and as Hayley's step brother lives up there we have no excuse not to visit!

Globe Trotting!

This year will also see us travelling further afield. At the end of the month Hayley will be going to Paris with her best friends for a girly weekend away! Then in June we are jetting off to Italy for our 10 year anniversary. We fly to Venice for 2 nights, then to Sorrento for 5 nights. We are so excited, as we havn't been on holiday since we were 20!

It would be great to hear where you are planning on visiting this year, and if you have any recommendations for us?

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