Friday, 20 March 2015

HeForShe Conversation with Emma Watson

Emma Watson has always been one of my idols. I grew up watching her in Harry Potter and have always admired her intelligence, success and natural beauty. Now I love her more than ever....

A few weeks ago, Emma sat down with Greg James to discuss the HeForShe campaign she is leading. Incase you've been under a's all about the complete equality of men and women, for both sexes to feel comfortable being sensitive and strong. It's about women gaining equal rights in this world, and men knowing it's OK to support it! 

My favourite quote of the whole interview, and probably ever, is this...

"The human race is like a bird and it needs both wings to be able to fly. And, at the moment, one of is wings is clipped and we're never going to be able to fly as high."

If you do anything today, watch this video.

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