Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Whole Lotta Slides

Last week I spent the afternoon helping Hayley sort through some things at her Grandad's house, and amidst the boxes we came across a set of slides..

I had never seen such a big collection of family photos in slide form before. Just when I thought that was it, we found even more hiding in the cupboard!

The most incredible thing about this collection of slides is how organised it has been kept by Hayley's Grandad. I'm used to filing away negatives, so I know how time consuming and boring it can be! I still even have negatives sat at the bottom of shoe boxes without any notes to indicate what they are of.

Once we've had the chance to see what pictures are on these transparencies, my job is to scan a load of them, so I'll definitely have a big job ahead of me! It will be worth it in the end though, and I think it should uncover some entertaining & interesting family history for Hayley.

It's amazing to think that there was time when people waited to see their holiday photos, and when the slides eventually did come back in the post they would be viewed as a sort of presentation with the entire family gathered round. 

I also think it's nice to see family photos in physical form,  rather than on a screen. I wonder if in years to come it will be the norm to have a tangible copy of these pictures, or whether the iPad is the new family album?

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