Sunday, 22 March 2015

15 Reasons Why We Love Spring/Summer

Next weekend we finally turn the clocks forward an hour, which is our favourite day of the year.

Although we lose an hour in bed it's 100% worth it! Here are our top 15 reasons why we love Spring/Summer.

1. Lighter evenings. You feel like you can do so much more when you finish work.

2. Warmth. It's so nice to shed those jumpers and coats, and finally step out in your sunglasses.

3. Leading on from point 2, it's an excuse to buy new 'summer' clothes. Which is always fun!

4. You feel like going out a lot more! No more hiding under your duvet all Saturday and Sunday.

5. More daylight for taking pictures. 

6. Festivals.

7. The blossom! And so many lovely pretty flowers in season.

8. Dry weather for skating.

9. BBQs! Obviously.

10. Sitting with your friends in pub gardens drinking cider.

11. Being able to finally dry your clothes outside! (Yes we know that makes us sad and old...but it's true!)

12. All the new baby bunnies everywhere!

13. Getting that little tiny weeny tan that us English porcelain people long for.

14. Strawberries and cream!

15. Our Anniversary...cheese.

What do you love about Spring/Summer?

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