Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Needs vs Wants List


David and I have been saving to buy our first home for about 8 months now, and even though we’re only a little over half way to our deposit- it’s fun to look! 

We are constantly browsing ‘Right Move’ and ‘Zoopla’ to see what’s on the market, and which houses have gone back up for sale. I’m glad we’ve started looking early, as it gives us an idea on what we can get for our money, and which areas are better than others.


My group of friends are slowly moving out one by one, some renting, and others buying. However with the ones who have bought, it’s been great to see how they’ve gone about it and get their perspective on the whole hoopla. For some it took months to find the perfect home and then even longer to buy it, and for others it was all done and dusted in a matter of weeks! It can differ so much between different people, and their advice has been priceless. 

My best friend bought a house with her boyfriend in October last year, and she’s been giving us lots of tips! The best tip so far was to make a list of needs and a list of wants. Both her and her boyfriend did this so that they could establish where to make compromises. Not everyone gets their dream house straight away, and it can take decades to save for that kind of thing- so it’s good to get your priorities sorted. 


I’m sure mine and David’s list will change dramatically once we start viewing houses for real, but for now we’ve created a little pilot list to get the ball rolling. Obviously everyone’s lists are different, but for us these are the things that matter!


A minimum of 2 bedrooms.
A decent size space for a study/spare room.
Room/an area indoors for David’s (soon to be my adopted) pet bunny Billy.
Within semi equal driving distance from both of our works.
A good-sized garden for Billy to run around, and also for entertaining.
Not on a main road so that we can get a kitten.
A reasonably contemporary kitchen and bathroom (as these are expensive things to upgrade).
Good heating/boiler/windows/grown up stuff etc.


A bathroom upstairs.
A utility room.
Building with a bit of character, but renovated/maintained well.
A nice hallway/entrance.
Within walking distance of shops.

It would be great to hear from any of you reading this what experiences you have had with house hunting, and what would be on your need/want list?

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