Sunday, 22 February 2015

The 5 Year Memory Blog

Welcome everyone! Thanks for clicking on our page. We are David and Hayley, and this is our '5 Year Memory Blog.' We have wanted to created a blog together for a while now, but never felt like we had anything to write about. But back in October, we came up with an idea and we're so excited to get started!

We both had our own separate blogs whilst at university which were soon forgotten about once we moved back home. Honestly they were both very 'studenty' blogs, and didn't quite translate into our new full time working lives.
Hayley's Grandma's Diary

Hayley: Whilst I was shopping one day in 2014 in Nottingham with my friends, I found this diary in Urban Outfitters. I picked it up and squealed across to my friend Hannah 'Omg my Grandma used to keep these!' My Grandma was always an avid diary keeper, and since she died my mum has kept all of her old diaries. My favourite diary of hers was a 5 year diary from 1979-1984. It talks about my Mums first bedsit, my Aunty getting married, people being born, people dying, but mostly how many eggs her chickens had laid that morning!! I just love being able to pick up her diary and flip to a page to see what she was doing on that day between those years. Well, as soon as I saw it in Urban Outfitters, I ran to the till with it! I was 2 months from turning 25 years old, and thought that would be the best time to keep the diary. I feel like my life will change so much from the ages of 25-30, so this could make quite a funny/interesting/strange read when I'm older.

January 1st 1979-1984

A few of our friends have kept up their blogs since uni, and some have started new blogs. We love keeping up to date with them, and have since then discovered many more we like. Between us both, our interests range from photography, to fashion, skating, music, art, interiors, lifestyle, travel, food...the list goes on! This diary gave us the inspiration to actually start a new blog that can talk about all of those things. We thought having a blog to run along side my diary would be a cool idea. This is a place for us to post our adventures, document the last half of our 20's, keep creative, have fun and look back on. 

Although it seems like everyone has a blog these days, not all of our friends are into blogging- and we know a few of them won't be interested in reading about our lives like this! Which is cool! This blog is really just for us, and for anyone else who is interested in reading about the sort of stuff we like reading about.

So stay tuned, and hopefully we can provide some guilty pleasure reading for you. You can visit our 'About us' tab to learn a little more about us. If you look at our sidebar, there are a few different ways you can follow us. So click one if you fancy it!
Thanks again for reading our first post!

Lots of love,

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