Friday, 27 February 2015

Saving For Your Bottom Drawer

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Like most people planning on moving out, we have started collecting bits and bobs for our new home.

We both did our big Uni shop 6 years ago (WOAH!) and even though some people come home with the stuff they took- it’s probably safe to say most of it wants binning by the end of year 3! Your spoons have been used by approximately 20 different people, your glasses are chipped and most stuff has been borrowed/lost! You can’t be blamed for this, you were young and careless! So you find yourself moving home with some leftover stuff, and it’s time to start again.

Neither of us were in a rush to move out when we came home, so we’ve had 2 and a half years to start saving and collecting! We try to only collect the necessary items, but sometimes we just can’t help getting something novel! We also get bits and pieces from our families for Christmas, and we have inherited some great gems as well! 

Here are some of the things we have so far:

  • Popcorn pots: We picked these up in Home Bargains for an amazing 69p! We thought if we ever host a movie night these would be perfect, so we bought a set of 8!
  • Woodland mugs: David bought one of these with an owl on to keep at work ages ago, but we fell in love with all of the other creatures in the collection. So we bought a set of 4 and have packed them away.
  • Glasses: Ikea do some really quirky stuff, and these glasses really caught our eye. You could say that we have an obsession with buying glasses, so naturally we picked these up!
  • Bowls: The oriental collection in Waitrose is so beautiful, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay £12 for 1 bowl! Luckily, Hayley’s mum had remembered, and bought them as a Christmas gift last year!
  • Rabbit Bottle Opener: Whenever we’re in London, we always take a trip into Anthropologie. We gaze at everything we want, but always leave empty handed and gutted. If we could have the whole shop we would, so last time we went we made a pact to buy something small each time we visit. What with our love of bunnies, we took this little guy home- and we love him!
  • Salt and Pepper Mill: Last Christmas, David’s Grandma bought us a salt and pepper mill. She wrapped them individually and gave one to each of us. When we saw they were Cole and Mason, we were so grateful! In the world of salt and pepper mills, these are top of their game! Thanks Hazel! 

Stay tuned for our next purchases!

What have you been collecting for your bottom drawer?

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