Saturday, 28 February 2015

Ryan Adams @ The Apollo

Last night I took a trip to London to see Ryan Adams perform at the Hammersmith Apollo..

The way the ticket came about was the result of a conversation I had with my friend Colin a month or so ago, when he told me that had a spare ticket. I had only just started listening to Ryan Adams again after first hearing about him when I was at school. It was also Colin who introduced me to his music in the first place, so I thought it would be fun going to the gig with a proper fan.

Since releasing his debut album Heartbreaker back in 2000, Adams has created an extensive catalogue of music ranging in styles from anthemic rock, metal, punk, country to blues. So needless to say, I had a lot of music to catch up on and listen to.

I've never listened to anyone quite like Ryan Adams, an artist who can just flick a switch and change from one style of music to another. Being a music lover, I appreciate live concerts no matter what the genre is, so I was happy with whatever he chose to play. 

The gig mainly consisted of the slower numbers, but with unexpected build ups which gave new dimensions to his well known songs. My favourite song of the night was I See Monsters, which sounded very different to the recorded version, as it had a big electric outro.

So far this has been my second gig this year, so I'm hoping to go to a lot more. Thanks again to Colin for hooking me up with a ticket!

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